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AVIA-PROS LLC, based out of Washington State, USA. is an independent, global aviation engineering, consulting and training firm with international clients around the world from commercial airlines, original equipment manufacturers, maintenance repair organizations, military, universities and technical schools. Our team of subject matter experts brings an average of over 100 person years of design and repair engineering, consulting and training experience garnered in major aircraft manufacturers, i.e. Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier and De Havilland Inc., as well as, in major airlines such as American Airlines and Turkish Airlines to deliver technical advice, engineering solutions and high quality advanced academic and/or practical training to industry and operators in the aerospace, defense, commercial and business aviation sector.



We Help You With

Technical Advice

Our experts partake in many aviation industry committees, i.e. SAE-Commercial Aviation Composite Repair Committee (CACRC), Advanced Materials in Transport Aircraft Structures (AMTAS), lead industry activities in MSG and ISC task groups and main committees, deliver lectures and keynote speeches at the international conferences and distinguished universities in U.S.A. and in the world. Knowledge and experience of our experts have been essential in development or improvement of design requirements and objectives, maintenance documents, composites materials repair engineering industry standards, new repair and inspection techniques, training guidelines, validation of skills and procedures and design or improvement of composite materials repair shops.

Our experts co-authored articles in the airlines fleet support publications and developed maintenance criteria to assist airlines to reduce aircraft ground time due to lightning strike damage inspections and assessment.

Engineering Solutions

If your company encounters any problems in design, manufacturing, assembly, maintenance or operations as well as any failures in or damage to metallic or composites materials structures or components, our experts can inspect, assess, analyze, and provide engineering solutions to restore its functionality, safe operation or to modify or repair the aircraft structures to meet the original design and certification requirements.

Our experts may help you save design, manufacturing, assembly, maintenance time, materials and cost and enhance your workforce skills and engineering capability to design, repair or modify metallic or composites structures. Our experts can also help you reduce any risks associated with airplane operational safety and human factors

Advance Training

Our experts can provide standardized or customized theoretical or practical metallic, metal-bond or composites structures design and repair engineering as well as lightning strike and corrosion phenomena and preventive measures for aviation and industry. Provided training to more than 10,000 engineers or students from original equipment manufacturers, commercial aviation, military, maintenance repair organizations, engineering centers, universities and training schools around the world.  We can assist your organizations to develop training curricula, training manuals, repair or skill checklists or validate your standards in accordance with FAA and/or EASA regulations and requirements.

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It was my pleasure working with John over the years and I hope our paths cross in the future. John provided positive support to FAA composite training initiatives 10 to 15 years ago, and that benchmarked effort is one of the first standardized composite course that has been practically applied in industry throughout the world.

Larry Ilcewicz

Chief Scientific & Technical Advisor, Composites


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